IMG_0009Our Mission

Techeland Arts Council (TAC) is a non-profit organization made up of local volunteers representing a cross-section of St. Mary Parish, Louisiana. TAC’s goal is to integrate the artistic resources of the area into the public awareness and provide a stimulus for economic development by highlighting the history and uniqueness of our community.

TAC is an active advocate for public art, and sponsors unique performances and presentations chronicling the dramatized history and culture of the Techeland area for people in our own communities and for visitors interested in the experiencing the folklore of this unique and fascinating part of Louisiana. TAC’s all-volunteer Board of Directors provides guidance as we work to preserve, celebrate, and bring to life the rich folk history of Bayou Teche.

Our Programs

fall fundraiserTecheland Arts Council brings the folk history of Bayou Teche to life! Through our annual No Hitchin’ series of musical revues, thespians from right here in our community take audiences into the rich and wonderful past of our special part of Louisiana. These are historical – and hysterical – performances you won’t want to miss!  More…

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